The Castes

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The Castes

Post by kitsune on Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:48 pm

There are five castes in the world of Verilaz. The only unplayable caste is Exalted. They are as follows:

  • Exalted (NPC Caste): These are the priests, paladins, and Inquisitors that oversee society and see to Bastion's will.
  • Legate: The diplomats, couriers, and merchants. This caste is permitted to travel to spread goods, give decrees, exchange artifacts, and take census.
  • Adroit: Those that work with their hands are found in this caste. Artisans, farmers, druids, and other working folk. There are several houses and guilds within the caste.
  • Valiant: The warriors, and others that protect. Also includes the Navy. These people are the line of defense against the cruelties of the world.
  • Nameless: The criminals, pirates, con-men, whores, and other scum that don't fit into society. People are not usually born into Nameless, they are made as penance for their crimes. Each are branded by a tattoo to mark them.

Expanded information under the worldbuilding forum

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