A Brief Background of the World

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A Brief Background of the World

Post by kitsune on Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:06 pm

The folly of man is fearsome, this is true. However, the madness of Gods is what drove the world to ruin.

Before the Calamity, all was at peace. The world was lush and bountiful. Lian, god of Fire, grew jealous of his brother and tried to destroy his good works. Bastion, god of Water, fought him for a long time and struggled to save the world from disaster. In the end, Lian was sealed away but most of the world was ash.

Sorrowful, Bastion raised the seas during the battle. Doing so saved what little life was left from his brother's influence. To prevent his return, Bastion set the world in Order. He developed five castes to set the world right. Each had their place, led by the Exalted.

This hasn't stopped Lian's attempts from escaping, however. The Folk must remain vigilant; avoiding the flame and chaos to keep his power at bay. The trickster's attempt to free himself happened about a hundred years before, and the priests worry that the firey god grows restless in his captivity once more.

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