The Castes of Verilaz

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The Castes of Verilaz

Post by kitsune on Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:21 pm

Verilaz has five castes, created by Bastion. They are the Exalted, the Adroit, the Legate, the Valiant, and the Nameless.

The Exalted are the rulers of Verilaz, and are comprised of the clergy and their agents. They perform the rituals that keep the world afloat and draft the laws that hold society together, often consulting Bastion himself in their pursuits. The Exalted have ruled in wisdom since the Calamity, and the other castes look to them for leadership.

The Adroit are those that work with their hands. They are the artisans, agriculturalists, and related professions. This caste has several guilds and houses to help encourage the creativity of their workers. Druids are often found in this caste, and certain druids called Water Weavers have found a way to use sand, pebbles, and water into fiber and other material for building.

The Valiant are the warriors, hunters,and sailors that protect those that can't protect themselves. Those in the Navy protect Legate merchants as they travel, or patrol against pirates. Warriors and Hunters help safeguard against beasts and monsters, and provide game for their community.

The Legate are the diplomats and merchants, and those free to travel between communities. They're often adept and census-taking an cartography. They deliver decrees and goods from the capital to those in the outer rings of islands furthest from civilization. Legate are tasked with the Rondel, a sacred duty of exchanging artifacts between islands. Wizards are often found in this caste as researchers.

The Nameless are those that have been found unworthy of their place in society, and are more often made than born. They are the scum of society; pirates, criminals, con-artists, prostitutes, and other unsavory elements lurk here. Each have been branded by the Exalted so they cannot hide their true Nature. The Nameless are treated with revulsion by society at large, especially in civilized areas where they are viewed as a blight. Many a mob has beaten a Nameless to death, only to find that they walk again the next night. Recent events have cause a crackdown on Nameless activities, as they nearly waged war against Bastion a hundred years before.

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