Pantheon of Verilaz

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Pantheon of Verilaz

Post by kitsune on Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:28 pm

Thelena - Lawful Good - Clouds
Bastion - Lawful Neutral - Water, Augury, Moon, Dreams
Elchior - Lawful Evil - Mud/Sand, Potions,
Mmirhane - Neutral Good - Wind, Freedom
Shura - True Neutral - Beauty, Love, Symmetry, Drugs
Urde - Neutral Evil - Earth
Ciara - Chaotic Good - Lightning, Darkness, Shadow, Spies, Gossips
Lian - Chaotic Evil - Fire, Sun, Trickery, Bastards, Liquor/Alcohol (Sealed)
Vurith - Chaotic Evil - Lava (Imprisoned)

Rest I'll have up in a moment, forgot their names Smile

Ní mar a shíltear a bhítear.

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