Culture of Verilaz

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Culture of Verilaz

Post by kitsune on Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:44 pm

The world is ordered, and everything is as it should be.

The Calamity is only a distant memory, and Bastion keeps civilization safe.

The races of the world mix freely, as everyone is of one Folk after the Calamity.

The Priests guide the Folk, always there with a helping hand. They teach the Folk the Ways.

The Inner Islands are civilized, and the monetary value are Notes from the clergy. Once born into a caste, you stay there unless you are made Nameless. Bastion put you there for a reason, and in that caste you will find your place.

The Outer Islands are more rough and tumble, and less policed by the Clergy. Here, some act out-of-caste. A Valiant child may spend far too much time with Adroit, for instance. Notes are useless out here, and instead trade small bits of corals, shells, glass, or pearls as well as precious metals and other gems.

Water is venerated as sacred, as are things of the sea. Bastion watches over the day in the form of the moon. Other deities in the pantheon represent wind, clouds, and lightning.

Fire is a doorway for Lian and his vassals to cause chaos and spurned. The same goes for alcohol, and the sun at night which are part of what Lian held sacred. The culture has adapted around the use of fire, using other materials for heat and light.  

Weapons and armor are not made of metals or wood, which are precious. Druids have found a way to harden shell, bones, stones, and coral to craft such items.

Firearms are a recent invention, and highly scrutinized. A mixture of water and acid propels the bullets, but rumor has it some powders use blasphemous material such as gunpowder.]

Angels and Demons haven't been seen since the Calamity, and are creatures of legend. The same goes for Tieflings and Aasimar.

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